What Kind of Watch Dog is the American Media?

by Billy Beren on November 30, 2011

Apparently, the kind that prefers criminals who are quiet enough not to disturb its slumber.  Being thrown the occasional reward for good behavior (i.e. ignoring bad behavior) is appreciated too.

Glenn Greenwald explains our media’s love affair with being kept in the dark:

the paradoxical mind and function of the standard establishment journalist: they proudly venerate and defend extreme government secrecy at the same time they parade around as Adversarial Watchdogs and Light-Shiners on the political class.

It’s a strange, strange world look at this web-site. More from Glenn here:

The Secrecy-Loving Mind of the U.S. Journalist

P.S. Remember, newspapers are struggling because of the Internet, not because they are tools of the establishment and actually celebrate abdicating their responsibility to readers.

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